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 The Bud and Tweet Today – update in progress Dec. 6 2016
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Last updated:  THURS June 9 2016 7:25 PM   Toronto ON Canada
By: Glenda MacDonald

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*This is a dynamic content web page constantly being over-written. It’s not a blog post, it’s more of a live news page! Welcome inside my garden of story ideas and insights as I grow my own business and help others grow theirs. Some ideas will blossom into blog posts, and when they do I’ll embed the links here and then tweet the update. See also Upcoming Events and Past Events Archives. Also listed below are my Project Updates, info on my growing list of Affiliations, and links to some Reviews I’m working on covering media, arts & entertainment, and science & technology. 

WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY Featured photo: Peonies in the rain

2016 May 7 TUES B&T Peonies in rain IMAG9196

My neighbor’s peony bush finally blossomed.  The blooms are heavy and the added weight of the rain on Sunday made them droop further. The ants and bees are happy and so am I!

Weather in Toronto: After working from my laptop on the back deck all day in the sun yesterday morning I’m back inside today. The temperature has dropped to 14C (57F), it’s very windy and overcast, and it feels like it might rain at any moment.
Flora & fauna photography update: The white peonies across the street are now in full bloom, and in the shared back yard with my next door neighbor I discovered a bright pink peony bush that has never bloomed before. As I get back to my daily photography walkabouts I’m sure I’ll discover more new blossoms that have arrived while I’ve been away nursing my cold.

THURSDAY June 9 2016 Events & Updates:

Live-tweeting and live-blogging and events today:


  • Check out my new Affiliations Page to see some of the organizations with which I’m affiliated, partnered with, and/or doing freelance work for! I recently announced my new affiliations:
  • COHM provides audio and voice production services for phone systems and videos worldwide. I recently signed a strategic partnership with them and will be sharing more news about their services.
  • Leading Talent – Canada’s first job portal for women –  is a new division of Women In Leadership Foundation, with whom I’ve long been affiliated as an advisor regarding social media and marketing. Now I’m helping them grow their social media and blog to increase awareness of their story.
  • Social Media Manager School Check out my blog post yesterday about Andrea Vahl’s Facebook Advertising Secrets Course. I’m an affiliate of SMMS of which Andrea is the co-founder. I endorse and promote their courses as a proud alumnus. Watch for my upcoming blog post about Andrea’s free webinar  webinar on Social Media Return on Investment on June 22.
  • I also have some news about Small Today, and National Crowd Funding Association of Canada I’ll be sharing soon as well as some updates about my relationships with Bluehost and Elegant Themes.

Project Updates:

  • Prompted!: I’m curating my micro-poetry and photography for the first book in my series Prompted!. I’m examining the use of prompts for creative expression, beginning with some prompts from . I’ll set up a page for this project.
  • daily tweets: I’ve been writing and tweeting micro-poetry daily since December 27 using prompts from .
  • : Featured photos: I’m investigating which WordPress plugin to use to set up a Photo Gallery to archive my past featured photos. (Special thanks to  for recommending an article with some suggested plugins!). In the meantime follow @glenda_macd on Twitter as featured photos are included with the daily The Bud and Tweet Today updates. I had registered with EyeEm Market a stock photography agency out of Berlin but have not proceeded with them. I decided I wanted to work with an agency in North America. When I used to work in magazine advertising I used iStock Photo all the time when planning ads for my clients. So I feel comfortable investigating them and was thrilled to see they are in Canada, in Calgary! So I am going through the application process to become an iStock photographer and I am also applying to be an affiliate.


Do you have questions or a great story to share?

Please email me at gm(at) or use my contact form to suggest story ideas or ask questions about startups, social media, and creative endeavors, etc. I’m looking forward to connecting with you! What’s your story?

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