Last updated: THURS April 28 2016 4:18  PM

I enjoy trying out new apps, whether mobile or desktop-based. Occasionally I participate as a beta tester. I use a MacBookPro for desktop running OSX Mountain Lion. I do have an old Acer notebook that runs WindowsXP plus a Toshiba Atom netbook. I have an iPod Touch, an iPad, and an HTCOne so I cover iOS and Android mobile apps as well. I review apps from the point of user interface UX, customer experience CX, usefulness to artists and startups, and social media footprint/support.

Here is my growing public Twitter list of some of my favourite apps. I’ll be posting reviews of some of these and other apps. If you have an app you think I should review let me know! I already have a long list that I am excited about and I will focus on the ones I have found first, or regularly use already.