Last updated: SUN Feb. 5 2017 2:21 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald

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As a storyfinder I love discovering ventures and causes with inspiring missions and goals. As a storyteller I can’t wait to share their stories with those who might benefit from hearing them. I choose to share a lot of news through blog posts but some stories need their own dedicated space on this site.

I have affiliate relationships with some organizations for which I may benefit directly or indirectly. I am dedicated to transparency and any affiliations will always be clearly stated. Regardless of the affiliations the opinions expressed are my own, though they may coincide with the affiliate organizations because I only seek affiliations with organizations and causes I already like!

My affiliate relationships are due to volunteer work, being a brand ambassador, formal affiliate programs where I earn commission on sales through my affiliate links, and direct freelance contracts.

If you’d like me to help you bring attention to your personal or organizational brand and increase audience engagement I’d be delighted to chat with you further about your goals and budget. For a free initial consultation you can reach me via my Contact Form.

Here are some of the organizations I’m proud to be affiliated with and whose stories I’ll be sharing as we grow together:


  • Small Today (affiliate)
    Based in Australia, this organization ran the LinkedIn Success Summit, the Email Success Summit, and will be running the upcoming Instagram Success Summit in June. I live-tweet and live-blog their virtual events, gleaning key lessons which I share with my busy followers.
  • Social Media Manager School (affiliate)
    I completed my Certificate in Social Media Management through the onlineĀ  Social Media Manager School based in Denver CO USA. I’m an affiliate and heartily endorse their courses, publications, and workshops.

Dementia support:

  • Purple Angel Foundation (volunteer ambassador)
    As a Purple Angel Ambassador I’m helping the founder increase awareness of early-onset dementia / Alzheimer’s disease.

Media Service Providers:

  • Bluehost (affiliate)
    This is my long-term internet service provider for website hosting. I run all my WordPress websites on their servers. They’re the epitome of customer service.
  • COHM (strategic partner)
    I’ve signed a strategic partnership with COHM in Ottawa who are a long-standing producer of audio programming and scripting services for telecom systems, audiobooks, and for film. I was an independent distributor for COHM many years ago, so this is an exciting renewed relationship with COHM and the daughter of the founder.
  • Elegant Themes (affiliate)
    I’m a developer level affiliate of Elegant Themes premium WordPress themes. I’m selecting new themes for my various website projects from the incredible collection of premium themes from Elegant Themes. Once I’ve switched over to their themes from my current free WordPress themes I’ll share my affiliate link.

I’m investigating potential affiliations with the following organizations:

Media and Publishing:

Amazon (researching their affiliate program)
BookBaby (researching their affiliate program)
iStockPhoto (applying to be an iStock photographer and affiliate)
…and more