Last updated: May 7 2016 3:31 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald

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I’m working on the first in series of books that examine the use of prompts for creative expression. My first book will include some of my micropoetry and photography and discuss the creative process of using prompts in their creation. I may interview other poets and photographers for this book. To be self-published.

SATURDAY Featured photo: crimson crabapple


My crabapple tree was the first to bloom, with pear and cherry trees lagging. So today this gorgeous crimson bud of my crabapple tree gets the place of honour!

Micropoetry Tweets with #WrittenRiver prompts I’ve been writing micropoetry daily since December 27 using prompts from . If you haven’t tried writing micropoetry is a great place to start. I’m all caught up. Here are my latest three poems: