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Last updated: SAT May 7 2016 10:48 PM Toronto ON Canada
By: Glenda MacDonald

March 22 2016

Featured photo: Spring is coming. The crocuses have popped up.

2016 March 22 Morning crocus IMAG6469

Signs of Spring – crocuses have popped up!

My Constant Connection to Nature

Morning Squirrel

Good morning Squirly!

I live in busy metropolitan Toronto, Canada. While I’m a short walk to our extensive subway system I’m equally blessed with living in an oddly rural oasis. Our house is in an old neighbourhood with lots of trees. Our semi-detached home shares a wild and unruly back yard with our lovely next door neighbours. No fence divides us. Our secluded combined back yard is however bounded by a fence and beyond that the corner of a fairly quiet laneway. As soon as the weather warms up my ‘office’ will move to the back deck where I will be mere feet from my pear tree.  Squirly (the name I give all my squirrels) will be trying to eat the emerging buds while I gently remind him (with my outside voice) to leave them alone! I’ll wash and refill my birdbath and welcome back the robins, chickadees, grackles, cardinals, finches, and more. Woody, my woodpecker pal, may return though he doesn’t like to join in the communal bath and will keep himself busy eating insects on the crabapple tree behind the pear tree. My magic lilac bush (that decided to emerge from the dead after ten years) will hopefully blossom again this year. The lily of the valley patch will emerge and the cherry blossoms will begin.
Some days will work from my new upper deck near the treetops. Yesterday the builders completed the replacement deck that our wonderful landlord had built, twice the size of the previous deck, after she had the roof repaired.  I’m looking forward to putting our furniture back out as well as my plastic stepper and my yoga mat.  My creative writing has a lot of natural elements. Nature is my muse and another touchstone.
Updated 5:25 PM: I love my new upper deck! I brought the deck furniture and some planters back outside. I vacuumed my dusty studio, reassembled my art desk, and retrieved my tools and project bins from my husband’s office on the same floor (he’ll be happy). It’s still too cold to keep the studio door open and the sky is gray. I can’t sit out on there for long but if dressed warmly I could go out and exercise on it… but I have to get back to work… Once it is warm I will be able to use my ‘outdoor desk’ up there! Yay…Can’t wait to tell you more about container gardening when I reestablish my dormant deck garden!

Today’s Agenda

I have no specific appointments today on my Live & Current Events Schedule. But that often changes quickly. I’ll continue to watch and review the ongoing Email Success Summit (35+ recorded interviews with email marketing experts) and live-tweet some great tips as I discover them. I missed yesterday’s Canada Reads 2016 competition so I’d like to catch the replay of Day One of the elimination rounds then listen and live-tweet to this mornings Round Two elimination. I want to update my Events section. I’d like to work on my new blog Ventures in Twitterland and I need to pick which of the four of the 70+ Elegant Theme WordPress themes I’m considering. (I’m an affiliate of Elegant Themes and will eventually switch glendamacdonald.com website from its current free WordPress theme to one of theirs as well.)
Updated 5:34 PM: I updated my Past Events page and my Email Success Summit Page. I didn’t have time to watch the replay of the Round One book elimination from Canada Reads competition and only caught the end of Round Two and a bit of the Q&A livestreaming from the CBC website. With my upper deck finished I had to restore my studio and my husband’s office to pre-construction status and move the deck stuff back outside. (See the above update to the Nature section.)

Email Success Summit March 14 to 23 2016 by Small Today

There are over 35 of the world’s top experts in email marketing presenting at this virtual summit presented by Small Today an organization which focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses including solopreneurs and startups.  I’m watching and reviewing all the interviews Founder Liam Austin conducted with the experts and tweeting my best takeaways of email marketing tips from the experts. See my separate blog post for the event. You can use my affiliate link to register for a free pass to watch the live (prerecorded) interviews for today as well as the new ones and Liam’s wrap-up on Wednesday. You can view Monday’s sessions for free until Wednesday evening and today’s until Thursday evening. I upgraded to an All Access Pass which alows me to view all the interviews forever at my own pace in an online course format. I’m also part of a private Facebook group chatting with other All Access Pass holders as we deep-dive through the materials and share how we can implement the tools and ideas as small businesses. Time for me to get back to work doing the reviews! I am continuing to review the interviews form Day 2. I will also keep an eye on the @smalltoday Twitter feed today though I won’t be watching the current sessions live as I want to continue to do them chronologically and I’m still on last week due to the intensive content.

Time for Tea and Cookies!

Hi there! I’m popping back in just before 6 p.m.. It has been a long day of website updates and returning the furniture and stuff to my studio and upper deck in the aftermath of our renovation. 2016 Mar 22 tea and cookies IMAG6471So I’m taking a cookie and tea break before I get back to reviewing the Email Success Summit.  As mentioned in a previous post I love food, eating food and talking about food! So today I am showing you a typical afternoon tea break for me. I drink coffee in the morning then switch to decaf tea in the late afternoon and usually have some cookies with it! Today’s mug is courtesy of Bioroof Systems. I attend many industry events and pick up a LOT of free branded gifts. In keeping with my nature theme today I think a bioroof-themed mug is appropriate! I’m drinking decaf Earl Grey tea (I forget which brand.. will have to check later) and eating one Fudgeeo* cookie (a half serving) and 9 mini-Oreos (one serving). I’m using unflavoured almond milk in my tea. (Again I forget the brand but I will check later.) As a marketing professional who studies personal and corporate branding these things matter to me and I will pay closer attention! So there, even though I’m taking a break, I’m still working…
*Footnote about Fudgeeos… on a recent #gentschat where the topic was food one of my American Twitter friends didn’t know what Fudgeeos were. I explained that they’re a bit like Oreos but with fudge in the middle. I’m going to have to do more research on this as perhaps, heaven forbid, Americans don’t have Fudgeeos! 


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 I’d love to get to know you better. Please send me your comments or questions through the contact form, connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn, or use the comments box below. I’d especially like to hear from other startups, creatives, and freelancers. I also have a soft spot for social enterprise and love to promote good causes.

Email Success Summit March 14 to 23 2016 (Now an Online Course)

ESS_MediumRectangleBannerLast updated: TUES March 29 2016 7:47 PM Toronto ON Canada
By: Glenda MacDonald, MBA, Freelance Writer, Social Media Strategist and Marketing Professional

Event Name: Email Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Dates: March 14 to 23 2016 (Live portion completed; virtual course now open 24/7 with optional All Access Pass)
My hashtag: #ESS
My Affiliation: I’m an affiliate of Small Today for the Email Success Summit and the previous LinkedIn Success Summit. The opinions stated here are my own. Many people attended portions of the event for free. Those who chose/choose to upgrade to the All Access Pass using my affiliate link also assist me in defraying the costs of my time reviewing the event.
Location: online
Time Zone: EST 24/7
Price: purchase an All Access Lifetime pass (affiliate link above) or VIP Pass for fast-track
Registration through my Affiliate Link: Register for a Lifetime All Access Lifetime Pass including participation in a Private Facebook Group.
Event Presenter: Small Today
Liam Austin, Founder, of Small Today. Summit Host and Interviewer.
Speakers:  35+ international email marketing experts (one-on-one prerecorded interviews were released daily). See the full agenda by clicking the registration link.


Over 35 of the world’s top experts in email marketing presented at this virtual summit presented by Small Today . Liam Austin is the Founder of Small Today, an organization which focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses including solopreneurs and startups. (I’m both a solopreneur and a startup! ) Liam personally live-interviewed each of the amazing experts from around the world via Skype.The interviews were recorded and curated over the last couple of months in preparation for sharing with us through this Summit. The experts were so generous, sharing what they’ve learned, including mistakes they’ve made and hacks they’ve discovered to shorten our learning curve in applying ideas to our own businesses.

As I watch each interview from the comfort of my home office using my laptop, an external monitor, and my cushy headphones, I’m finding that this format creates a very intimate experience… as if you’re alone in a room with Liam and the presenter! Liam is engaging and professional. He has an excellent rapport with the experts which makes for lively unscripted interviews and unpredictable segues! I’m thoroughly enjoying watching and learning at my own pace and am glad I upgraded to the lifetime All Access Pass which includes participation in a private Facebook Group set up for the All Access Pass holders.  I pop in there often to meet virtually with other attendees where we are becoming friends and helping each other apply the concepts to our own businesses with the moderation of Liam and his equally delightful co-founder partner Sarah Thorslund.

I’m deep-diving into the content-rich interviews as I review them and take extensive notes and tweet my insights. This Summit is not only for those beginning to look at email marketing. Even though I have decades of experience as a marketing professional who is now a freelancer, I’m learning so much more. While I’m trained as a Social Media Manager I haven’t done more than edit and write newsletters for other organizations. Integrating social media with lead magnets and landing pages or pop-ups, and understanding the many options for service providers and apps can be a little mind boggling. And that’s not the half of it! We also get into the psychology of the copywriting and graphic design! Some lectures I sail through quickly based on my experience. Others I keep having to pause.

Liam curated the interviews in a specific order with a different theme for each day so I feel compelled to watch them chronologically. I’m currently reviewing Day Two Speaker Three. I’m tweeting what I think are the most important points from each interview.  Click my attiliate link here to register for a Lifetime All Access Pass.

My Twitter Reviews

The interviews are intensive, content-rich and often fast-paced. It’s challenging and exhausting to watch and absorb them all live continuously. So I’m reviewing and transcribing each interview at my own pace, gleaning some fabulous tips and insights from Liam and the other experts. As a solopreneur I want to learn from these speakers and think about how I can apply their ideas and tools to my own evolution of becoming an email marketer (something I am a newbie at). So thank you for your patience. I hope you find my tweets helpful. When I have completed all the reviews I’ll use my notes for a comprehensive blog post with my overall impressions as a small business, marketing professional, and social media coach. Any questions? Chat with me on Twitter, comment below, or reach me via my Contact form.

You can find my tweets and reviews by searching Twitter for #ESS AND @glenda_macd
I am also embedding completed tweets here.  I’ll also update the speaker bios. Each interview is between 45 and 60 minutes in length.

Twitter Review IN PROGRESS

Day 2 THEME: List Growth (TUES March 15 2016 Original Air Date)
Speaker: Steve Chou

Topic: System to double your daily email opt-ins

COMPLETED Twitter Reviews:

Day 1 March 14 2016 Original Air Date (Speakers 1 to 6)

Day 2 March 15 2016 Original Air Date (Speakers 1 & 2)



Happy Spring!


Last updated: SAT April 23 2016 2:05 PM Toronto ON Canada

March 20 2016

Featured photos: “First day of Spring” – at sunrise and at sunset. I’m happy and have a spring in my step! Today’s the and ! And I have a new upper deck with which to survey my immediate surroundings and the world beyond.

2016 March 20 Sunrise Pic Twitter IMAG6401

Sunrise first day of Spring from my new upper deck in Toronto!

Sunset view from new upper deck first day of Spring

Sunset view from new upper deck first day of Spring


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Ventures in Twitterland New Website

As a social media coach I love ALL platforms but my favourite is Twitter. I love Twitter so much that I will be launching a separate blog Ventures In Twitterland dedicated to my adventures in Twitterland, the people and companies I meet (especially startups, arts & entertainment, technology companies), the events I attend and live-tweet, and more.  As a sole proprietor I am a do-it-yourselfer. I’ll be sharing my learning process as I set up my new website which I’m designing using Elegant Themes for which I’m a new affiliate.  The current theme for glendamacdonald.com is a free basic WordPress theme. This site will be converted to one from Elegant Themes once I decide which suits it best.

Email Success Summit March 14 to 23 2016 by Small Today

There are over 35 of the world’s top experts in email marketing presenting at this virtual summit presented by Small Today an organization which focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses including solopreneurs and startups. You may notice that  I don’t have a newsletter set up yet.. it’s now on my to do list! I’m watching and reviewing all the interviews Founder Liam Austin conducted with the experts and tweeting my reviews. (I just set up a separate blog post for the event ). You can use my affiliate link to register for a free pass to watch the Friday interviews as well as the new ones Monday and Tuesday and Liam’s wrap-up on Wednesday. I have an All Access Pass which entitles me to view the interviews forever at my own pace and I am part of a private Facebook group other All Access Pass holders. Time for me to get back to work doing the reviews! I have completed Day 1 and there are many days! (I am now in the middle of Day 2).