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Hello from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Most of the events I cover in person are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). I also cover live-streamed events virtually worldwide across many time zones. I’m always looking for interesting events and stories to cover and share. As an avid photographer and community-engagement professional I love doing onsite candid photography or screen captures from my laptop for live-streamed events to capture the people and the scenes for my stories.

There are three sub-pages to my Events section depending on whether the event is taking place now, in the future or has already taken place. I include links and additional details so you can get more info and I do blog posts for the events I am most interested or active in.

Do you have an event you’d like me to cover or promote? I will consider it if you send me a message in the form below. I have limited space so I can’t accommodate all requests and will only include those that relate to my wide variety of interests. If you see a similar event listed on my site that’s an indication that I might be interested in your event!

Live & Current Events 

I love Twitter and that’s where you’re most likely to find me. I love Twitter so much that I am setting up a separate website called “Ventures In Twitterland”. I’ll let you know once it’s live.¬† For now:

I live-blog and live-tweet many events and am a regular participant in Twitter chats for my interest areas. I will include links to blog posts for anything I am live-blogging.

Upcoming Events

A chronological list of upcoming events I am interested in attending, doing stories on and/or promoting.

Past Events Archives

A reverse-chronological list of past events with links to blog post reviews where applicable.

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