MAGAZINE REVIEW: Wired – June 2016 issue (in progress)

Wired Magazine
A publication of Conde Naste
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June 2016 issue

Last updated: SUN May 22 2016 6:57 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald

My husband informed me today that he received his email from WIRED saying that the June issue is now available in digital format.

I’m quite happy to wait a few days until the hard copy arrives in the mail. I worked eight years in magazine as an ad sales rep and copywriter. I still love the physical experience of flipping through the book from cover to cover, leisurely. In my early magazine days I had to schlep printouts of ad proofs to local clients to approve in person. Then we got a fax machine and we didn’t have to leave the office to get ads approved.. as long as the advertiser also had a fax machine… Then I bought an iBook laptop and started emailing people ad proofs, but our publisher was giving me a lot of push-back and wanting me to get out of the office and see the clients in person. I left that job to manage an eCommerce research centre at a university where I fully-embraced the digital world.

So maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia that leads me to read this techy mag ‘the old way’. But I have brought my own hybrid twist to the process of reviewing. I live-blog as I read it, stopping to search online for the links to the articles to share with my followers on Twitter. I tweet my observations and relevant links and then I update my blog by embedding the tweets which continually reply to each other creating a long story string which is the basis for my entire review.

So patience my Twitter friends. If you’re are already enjoying the digital version of June don’t feel bad for me. I actually could read the digital copy if I wanted to as I have a multil-magazine subscription app that gives me access. But I prefer to wait, anxiously checking the mailbox, and when the June is here I’ll be on my back deck, sipping coffee, and tweeting the highlights for you!

Happy Spring!


Last updated: SAT April 23 2016 2:05 PM Toronto ON Canada

March 20 2016

Featured photos: “First day of Spring” – at sunrise and at sunset. I’m happy and have a spring in my step! Today’s the and ! And I have a new upper deck with which to survey my immediate surroundings and the world beyond.

2016 March 20 Sunrise Pic Twitter IMAG6401

Sunrise first day of Spring from my new upper deck in Toronto!

Sunset view from new upper deck first day of Spring

Sunset view from new upper deck first day of Spring


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Ventures in Twitterland New Website

As a social media coach I love ALL platforms but my favourite is Twitter. I love Twitter so much that I will be launching a separate blog Ventures In Twitterland dedicated to my adventures in Twitterland, the people and companies I meet (especially startups, arts & entertainment, technology companies), the events I attend and live-tweet, and more.  As a sole proprietor I am a do-it-yourselfer. I’ll be sharing my learning process as I set up my new website which I’m designing using Elegant Themes for which I’m a new affiliate.  The current theme for is a free basic WordPress theme. This site will be converted to one from Elegant Themes once I decide which suits it best.

Email Success Summit March 14 to 23 2016 by Small Today

There are over 35 of the world’s top experts in email marketing presenting at this virtual summit presented by Small Today an organization which focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses including solopreneurs and startups. You may notice that  I don’t have a newsletter set up yet.. it’s now on my to do list! I’m watching and reviewing all the interviews Founder Liam Austin conducted with the experts and tweeting my reviews. (I just set up a separate blog post for the event ). You can use my affiliate link to register for a free pass to watch the Friday interviews as well as the new ones Monday and Tuesday and Liam’s wrap-up on Wednesday. I have an All Access Pass which entitles me to view the interviews forever at my own pace and I am part of a private Facebook group other All Access Pass holders. Time for me to get back to work doing the reviews! I have completed Day 1 and there are many days! (I am now in the middle of Day 2).