Facebook Ad Secrets Course – Flash sale over, course still available

Last updated: FRI May 27 2016 11:08 AM
By: Glenda MacDonald
Affiliation: Affiliate of Social Media Manager School & Andrea Vahl’s Facebook Advertising Secrets Online Course

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Flash Sale on Facebook Advertising Course

Andrea Vahl’s Facebook Advertising Secrets Course Flash Sale – May 26 2016 only!

GM Note: the May 26 2016 flash sale is over, but the course is still available at the full price! I recommend it if you need to make sure your investment in Facebook advertising is helping you grow your business cost effectively.

Are you confused about Facebook advertising? I’m constantly learning more about it. Who better to learn from than Andrea Vahl, one of the co-founders of Social Media Manager School where I earned my Certificate in Social Media Management? Andrea’s a lifetime friend and mentor through the private Facebook group I became a permanent part of when I enrolled in SMMS.

If you’re a business owner or marketer who needs more leads and visibility on Facebook, then organic activity alone won’t cut it anymore. Running ads has become much more important but there are a lot of different types of ads to run. If you aren’t careful you could waste a lot of money without getting a good return.

Andrea’s Facebook Advertising Secrets online course is on sale today only, May 26th. Go grab it now if you need to make sure you’re running your Ad Campaigns the best way!

I’m an affiliate and happily endorse Andrea and her courses. Did you know she’s also the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. And she’s fabulous!

Please use my affiliate link to purchase the course or to get more information on it:
Flash Sale on Andrea Vahl’s Facebook  Advertising Secrets Online Course!

I’ve had a lot of traffic through my link today so I know there’s a need for this course. This is your chance to get it at a rarely discounted price but it ends at midnight!

Feel free to share my tweet! I hope you enjoy the course. And as an added bonus, Andrea will be with you every step of the way in the private group, the way she is with the students and alumni of Social Media Manager School!

What Happened to Spring…?!


Last updated: April 23 2016 1:47 PM Toronto ON Canada
By: Glenda MacDonald

March 21 2016

Featured photo: Second Day of Spring

Tues. Morning 2nd Day of Spring

Tuesday morning Second Day of Spring

The 24/7 Startup

I was working late (til 2 AM) this morning. Hence my late start to today’s blog.  Burning-the-midnight-oil is common for startups, especially those of us who work in social media where time-zones are fairly irrelevant. If I’m up Saturday morning before CBC Radio One comes on with one of my favourite shows Fresh Air, I listen to radio shows from Australia, Ireland, England, or Germany.. whatever show CBC is streaming before their own shows start. On Saturday I said good morning to Mary Ito, the host of Fresh Air , on their Facebook page when I went to check out their three-hour show lineup. Mary replied “You’re up early”. I replied that as a startup it’s “early to bed, early to rise…” and that she’s  making me wise while I work away on the wealthy part…

Spring Has Sprung Right off the Springboard! It’s Winter Again

My supreme joy yesterday for the first day of Spring, the annual day of happiness, and my excitement about the nearing completion of my new upper deck, has had a chilling reality check today. 30% chance of snow flurries! The deck builder will be finished today but it will be too cold to start moving my furniture back out there and it looks like quite a while before my “outdoor office” will be welcoming me. I stepped out into the back yard about 7 a.m. to take the photo above and it was very very cold out.


The photography on this site is my own unless otherwise stated. The above photo is of morning sky from my back yard. You can see the streetlight is still on in the laneway. To view more of my photography visit me on Instagram:


Email Success Summit March 14 to 23 2016 by Small Today

There are over 35 of the world’s top experts in email marketing presenting at this virtual summit presented by Small Today an organization which focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses including solopreneurs and startups. You may notice that  I don’t have a newsletter set up yet.. it’s now on my to do list! I’m watching and reviewing all the interviews Founder Liam Austin conducted with the experts and tweeting my best take-aways of email marketing tips from the experts. See my separate blog post for the event ). You can use my affiliate link to register for a free pass to watch the live (prerecorded) interviews for today and Tuesday as well as the new ones and Liam’s wrap-up on Wednesday. I have an All Access Pass which entitles me to view the interviews forever as well as some bonus materials in an online course format, at my own pace. I am also part of a private Facebook group chatting with other All Access Pass holders as we deep-dive through the materials and share how we can implement the tools and ideas as small businesses. Time for me to get back to work doing the reviews! I am continuing to review the interviews form Day 2. I will also keep an eye on the @smalltoday Twitter feed today though I won’t be watching the current sessions live as I want to do them chronologically and I am on last week still.