Instagram Success Summit Day 4: June 10 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
I’m finished live-tweeting all 30 fabulous speakers at the summit. While the sessions are no longer accessible for free you have the option to purchase an All Access Pass for on-demand access to 30+ expert interviews plus exclusive bonuses. If you take advantage of this offer I’ll look forward to getting to know you in the private Facebook community for the event for life-long learning. And if you join through my affiliate link, you support me in continuing to live-tweet similar educational events, so thank you!
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By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate/ Small Today events)

DAY FOUR (Aired June 10 2016)
Phase 4 – Making Money on Instagram: Automate and Monetize

Day 4 Speaker 1:
Farokh Sarmad is an Entrepreneur at Mr. Goodlife Inc. with 5,000,000+ followers across multiple accounts and a network reach of 40,000,000+.
Topic: How I manage multiple accounts on Instagram (5 million followers across 20 accounts)

Day 4 Speaker 2:
Jaime Derringer is the Founder at with 1 million Instagram followers.
Topic: How to hire the perfect person to manage your Instagram

Day 4 Speaker 3:
Chris Jones is a fellow e-Commerce Entrepreneur at BEC SPORT, growing business through Instagram
Topic: Strategies to automate sales on Instagram (Violation warning)

Day 4 Speaker 4:
Pejman Ghadimi is the founder at Secret Entourage with over 500K followers monetized to over 1.2M in sales revenue in 2015.
Topic: Conversion tips for a high revenue to follower ratio

Day 4 Speaker 5:
Rod Watson is a Luxury Real Estate Specialist at The Watson Group, 3 years to build up, over 100k each year since 2013.
Topic:  Location targeting tactics for local businesses

Day 4 Speaker 6:
Ricky Staub is the Director at Neighborhood Film Co., Filmmaker by trade, booked hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business curating a personal feed that is unique.
Topic:  A proven strategy to get B2B clients from Instagram

Instagram Success Summit Day 3: June 9 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Get on-demand access to 30+ expert interviews plus exclusive bonuses for just $147 (12 month access). Currently all Day 4 presentations are still accessible for free. Day 3 sessions are now offline and only accessible by the optional All Access Pass.
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By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

DAY THREE (Aired June 9 2016)
Phase 3 – Scale Your Instagram Marketing

Day 3 Speaker 1:

Deonna Monique Lewis is the Founder and CEO at Boho Exotic Studio, 110k followers, over 1 million dollars in profit within 2 years.

Topic: How I leveraged partnerships to make $1 million within 2 years on Instagram

Day 3 Speaker 2:

Craig Hensel is the Senior Content Manager and Creator at Havas WorldWide Chicago.

Topic: Powerful brand ambassador tactics for community and trust

Day 3 Speaker 3:

Ruben Chavez is a Social Media Influencer and Content Creator at TGP Media, went from from 0 – 1.8 million followers in less than 2 years.

Topic: Sponsored content: A path to a six-figure business

Day 3 Speaker 4:

Marco Hansell is the CEO at Speakr, delivered more than 14M likes on Instagram across branded campaigns. Generated several million dollars in annual revenue.

Topic: Collaborating with Instagram Influencers to boost sales
GM Note: of all the sessions so far I found this one the most challenging to digest as I am an Instagram newbie with just over 100 followers. Marco is a brilliant man and a fount of knowledge on this subject. I will definitely go back again and again to this presentation using my All Access pass so that I can absorb his thoughts better as my own Instagram following and experience grows and I understand more about what he is talking about!

Day 3 Speaker 5:

Zahara Jade is the Community Manager at HireInfluence, an International Content and Digital Media Manager specializing in influencer marketing and social media, blowing out company goals by leveraging influencers.

Topic:  4 tools to uncover influencers in your niche

Day 3 Speaker 6:

Paul Ramondo is the CEO at RamondoMedia, Australia’s fastest growing authority on digital growth hacking and marketing, 3X followers for personal brand in the last 4 months without aggressively investing too much time into this growth.

Topic:  The right approach to Instagram Ads for lead generation

Day 3 Speaker 7:

Zach Spuckler is an Online business strategist, become profitable leveraging Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Topic:  Instagram Ads: How to set up your first campaign
GM Note: this is very hands on and detailed. I didn’t watch the entire thing as I am a newbie and not ready to spend money on Instagram or Facebook advertising. With my All Access Pass I know I can go back to this and watch it in more detail later. Zach also offers a free online course for those who watch his presentation and the access info is in the video!

Day 3 Speaker 8:

Jason Stone is the Founder at Millionaire Mentor LLC, social media influencer who built an Instagram following from 0-1.8 million in less than 2 years. He now has an email list of over 130k and has made over 1 million dollars in revenue to date.

Topic:  Tons of clicks on your sponsored content in 4 basic steps

Instagram Success Summit Day 1: June 7 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: WED June 8 2016 4:23 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

DAY ONE (Aired June 7 2016)
Phase 1 – A Visual Approach: The Foundation of Instagram for Your Business

Day1 Speaker 1:
Shawn Thomas is the Founder at Ask A Millionaire, LLC, started in March of 2015 and one year later grew to over 600,000.
Topic: Why a millionaire chose Instagram to grow his audience

Day 1 Speaker 2:
Kevin Kuster is the CEO and Partner #JJ Community, the largest and most active photo community on Instagram.
Topic: Finding your voice: An insight into a community of 47 million images

Day 1 Speaker 3:
Chris Burkard
is an Adventure Photographer at Chris Burkard Studio, reached an Instagram following of over 1.6 million people over the course of 4 years.
Topic: The realization that netted me 1.7 million followers

Day 1 Speaker 4:
Sarah Moore
is a Copywriter and Blogger at New Leaf Book Nook, built a following of more than 50,000 in just 10 months … and it hasn’t even felt like effort.
Topic: Growing an audience for your “dream business” whilst working full-time

Day 1 Speaker 5:
Rhiannon Nicole Bosse
is the Owner & Creative Director at Hey Gorgeous Events, Founder of The Trouvaille Workshop, gained speaking opportunities, and built a nearly 60k following of loyal and supportive people via Instagram account.
Topic: Building a consistent feed and finding your niche on Instagram

Day 1 Speaker 6:
Melissa Johnson
is the Founder & Creative Director at Best Friends For Frosting, achieved 80K+ followers on Instagram.
Topic:  How to get people to fall in love with your brand

Day 1 Speaker 7:
Adam Smith
is a Speaker, Storyteller, Creative at South Hills Norco, named one of the best iPhone portrait photographers in the world (in 2013).
Topic:  An award winning strategy for shooting quality imagery with an iPhone

Day 1 Speaker 8:
Merek Davis
is the Founder at Mextures, #2 top paid app. 158k followers on Mextures 1.3 million #mextures hashtags.
Topic:  How to effectively use Instagram to launch your product