Last updated: TUES April 2 2016 6:55 AM

In my ongoing quest to support start-ups, emerging authors, artists, social enterprise, etc., including other creatives like myself, I’m be sharing some of the resources I’ve found helpful in my own entrepreneurial journey. There are so many resources available including publications, websites, events, apps, podcasts, videos, etc., that it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. I will review or comment on them as I go and perhaps you will also find them useful. In some cases I will do full reviews, in others just a quick overview. Some resources have dedicated pages because I use them extensively and/or am an affiliate for them. If you know of other useful resources, please let me know so I can explore them further and possibly add to my list.

Resources for startups, techies, solopreneurs, and artists:

Film, TV & Video
Radio & Podcasts

and more…