Self-Publishing Success Summit Day 4: June 16 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews


Event Name: Self-Publishing Success Summit June 13 to 22 2016 Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: TUES June 21 2016 12:54 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

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DAY 4 (Aired June 16 2016)

Phase 2 – Marketing and Publishing

Day 4 Speaker 1:
Kelsey Humphreys
Just a few years ago, Kelsey took the leap and joined Self-Publishing School. Now, she’s a bestselling author and hosts The Pursuit, a talk show and podcast that’s interviewed influencers like Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, and more.
How To Land Big Name Endorsements & PR For Your Book  Want to boost your book sales, credibility, and business — practically for free? Kelsey Humphreys is breaking down exactly how. And she’s pulling back the curtain on how you can get celebrities and the media to promote your book.

 Day 4 Speaker 2:
Danny Iny built a multimillion-dollar business using his books, including Engagement from Scratch! and Teach and Grow Rich. He’s also created the Audience Business Masterclass.
Topic: Using Books To Drive Product Launches (How I Went From Failed Book To $2.6M Product Launch) Danny deconstructs how to write and launch your first book; maximize book reviews and marketing; and turn your books into a business, back-end, and following.

Day 4 Speaker 3:
Lisa Nichols The bestselling author of six books including the New York Times bestselling book No Matter What Lisa is also a motivational speaker and corporate CEO. She’s been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, the Steve Harvey Show, and in the documentary The Secret.
Lessons Learned From The Secret, Chicken Soup, Abundance NOW,  And A Guinness World Record Setting Book Wish you could gain instant exposure, become a respected expert, and turn your book into a business? Lisa Nichols will teach you how.  And she’s showing you the roadmap she followed to get there.

Day 4 Speaker 4:
Michael Hyatt
Michael is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Get Noticed in a Noisy World.
Getting Noticed In A Noisy World With Your First Book If you want to stand out and get attention with your first book, you don’t want to miss Michael Hyatt’s presentation.  You’lll learn the biggest lessons about marketing and book launches that he learned as CEO of a major publishing company… along with how to leverage your book to grow your business and following.

Self-Publishing Success Summit Day 3: June 15 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Self-Publishing Success Summit June 13 to 22 2016 Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: TUES June 21 2016 1:12AM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

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DAY 3 (Aired June 15 2016)
Phase 1 – Writing

Day 3 Speaker 1
Joseph Michael is the world’s top Scrivener coach.
How to Boost Your Writing Productivity in 1 Hour Using Scrivener. How do some authors churn out high-quality books and articles that sell in droves — without spending countless hours revising, reorganizing, and putting their books together? Simple: They use Scrivener, a tool that lets them organize, write, and revise — fast. In this crash course, you’ll learn how to instantly boost your productivity.

Day 3 Speaker 2
Joanna Penn
is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers and nonfiction, and a professional speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. 
Fiction Writing Techniques For First Time Authors (What I’ve Learned From Writing 10+ Books)  Want to write a novel but don’t know where to start? In this presentation, Joanna’s revealing her writing process, including which mistakes to avoid and key strategies to plan your story. If you want to write that story that’s been on your bucket list for years, don’t miss this speech.

Day 3 Speaker 3
David Allen has helped millions of people accomplish their biggest goals and reclaim their free time. His bestselling book Getting Things Done is the definitive manual for how to stay relaxed and productive.
Topic:  The Getting Things Done Approach To Writing Your First Book In this strategy session, David’s opening up about his writing method and how to use the Getting Things Done approach to finish your book. You’ll even learn how to write if you don’t “have enough time.”

Day 3 Speaker 4
Jay Papasan is the coauthor of multiple bestsellers, including The ONE Thing and the vice president of publishing at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
Topic: Using The ONE Thing & Time Blocking To Finally Write Your First Book If you’ve ever felt like there are a thousand things on your plate — and no time to write — Jay Papasan can help.  How does he find the time to do so much? You’ll learn his process, from how he wrote his first book, to his time blocking method and the 4 Thieves.

Self-Publishing Success Summit Day 2: June 14 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Self-Publishing Success Summit June 13 to 22 2016 Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: SAT June 18 2016 10:22 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

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DAY 2 (Aired June 14 2016)
Phase 1 – Writing

Day 2 Speaker 1:
Eileen Wilder
is a bestselling author, life-coach, and pastor on team at her local church, teaching women how to experience unstoppable self-confidence. After going through Self Publishing School, she experienced explosive success self-publishing her first book on Amazon. Just 8 months later, a publisher asked to acquire the rights, releasing the book nationwide. Since then, she has gotten national TV coverage, speaking engagements, and out-front placement at Barnes & Noble but most of all the privilege of serving more people than she could have ever imagined.
From Self-Published Author To Front Of Store Placement At Barnes & Noble

Day 2 Speaker 2:
Jeff Goins is a full-time writer who lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, son, and border collie. He is the author of four books, including the national bestseller The Art of Work. His website,, has been visited by more than four million people from all over the world.
Topic: You Are A Writer, So Start Acting Like One (And How To Balance Marketing & Selling)

Day 2 Speaker 3
Bob Goff
is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Love Does, as well as an attorney who founded Restore International, a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India and Somalia. Bob is a sought after speaker for leadership, church and university events, inspiring current and future influencers to get to the ”do” part of life. His book, Love Does has now been translated into ten languages!
Topic: Love Does, Writing For Your Grandkids, And The Power Of Interruption

Day 2 Speaker 4
Gretchen Rubin Gretchen Rubin is bestselling author of Better Than Before and The Happiness Project, and an entrepreneur. You’ll discover her secrets and habits to write bestsellers and balance work, family, and writing. She’s also revealing how she switched careers to writing and how you can stay stay happy while chasing an audacious goal.
Topic: Happiness, Good Habits, And Becoming A Writer

Self-Publishing Success Summit Day 1: June 13 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Self-Publishing Success Summit June 13 to 22 2016 Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: FRI June 17 2016  1:57 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

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DAY 1 (Aired June 13 2016)
Phase 1 – Writing

Day1 Speaker 1:
Ray Edwards
is a bestselling author, A-list copywriter, and popular speaker and has worked with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and more.
Writing Words That Sell Your Books (And How I Made $1M Off My First Book)
Want to sell more books? — Ray’s unveiling his method to maximize your book sales. In this strategy session, you’ll discover how he made 7 figures from his first book, along with his Rapid Writing Method.

Day1 Speaker 2:
Claire Diaz-Ortiz
is an author, speaker and Silicon Valley innovator who was an early employee at Twitter. Named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, she holds an MBA and other degrees from Stanford and Oxford and has been featured widely in print and broadcast media. She writes a popular business blog at and is the author of six books.
Writing Retreats, Productivity Tips, And How To Write Your Book On A Cruise Ship

Day1 Speaker 3:
Taylor Pearson 
Wish you could become a celebrity in your field, maximize book sales — and create a better book in less time? Taylor Pearson cracked the code while writing The End of Jobs one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 3 “Start Your Own Business Books of 2015. Taylor’s strategy: Get your ideas out fast, test them on a blog, and then turn them into an incredible book your readers will love. 
Topic: Using Blog Posts & A Crappy First Draft To Write A Great First Book

Day1 Speaker 4:
Cal Newport
is a 5-time bestselling author, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, entrepreneur, and parent.
Topic: Eliminating Distractions & Practicing Deep Work To Finish Your Book 
Feel like there’s never enough time to write? Cal doesn’t touch his computer after the workday. How does he do it? Deep Work. And today, he’s revealing proven strategies and tactics to finish your book, even if you’re overwhelmed.

Instagram Success Summit Day 4: June 10 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
I’m finished live-tweeting all 30 fabulous speakers at the summit. While the sessions are no longer accessible for free you have the option to purchase an All Access Pass for on-demand access to 30+ expert interviews plus exclusive bonuses. If you take advantage of this offer I’ll look forward to getting to know you in the private Facebook community for the event for life-long learning. And if you join through my affiliate link, you support me in continuing to live-tweet similar educational events, so thank you!
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DAY FOUR (Aired June 10 2016)
Phase 4 – Making Money on Instagram: Automate and Monetize

Day 4 Speaker 1:
Farokh Sarmad is an Entrepreneur at Mr. Goodlife Inc. with 5,000,000+ followers across multiple accounts and a network reach of 40,000,000+.
Topic: How I manage multiple accounts on Instagram (5 million followers across 20 accounts)

Day 4 Speaker 2:
Jaime Derringer is the Founder at with 1 million Instagram followers.
Topic: How to hire the perfect person to manage your Instagram

Day 4 Speaker 3:
Chris Jones is a fellow e-Commerce Entrepreneur at BEC SPORT, growing business through Instagram
Topic: Strategies to automate sales on Instagram (Violation warning)

Day 4 Speaker 4:
Pejman Ghadimi is the founder at Secret Entourage with over 500K followers monetized to over 1.2M in sales revenue in 2015.
Topic: Conversion tips for a high revenue to follower ratio

Day 4 Speaker 5:
Rod Watson is a Luxury Real Estate Specialist at The Watson Group, 3 years to build up, over 100k each year since 2013.
Topic:  Location targeting tactics for local businesses

Day 4 Speaker 6:
Ricky Staub is the Director at Neighborhood Film Co., Filmmaker by trade, booked hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business curating a personal feed that is unique.
Topic:  A proven strategy to get B2B clients from Instagram

Instagram Success Summit Day 3: June 9 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Get on-demand access to 30+ expert interviews plus exclusive bonuses for just $147 (12 month access). Currently all Day 4 presentations are still accessible for free. Day 3 sessions are now offline and only accessible by the optional All Access Pass.
Last Updated: FRI June 10 2016 5:38 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

DAY THREE (Aired June 9 2016)
Phase 3 – Scale Your Instagram Marketing

Day 3 Speaker 1:

Deonna Monique Lewis is the Founder and CEO at Boho Exotic Studio, 110k followers, over 1 million dollars in profit within 2 years.

Topic: How I leveraged partnerships to make $1 million within 2 years on Instagram

Day 3 Speaker 2:

Craig Hensel is the Senior Content Manager and Creator at Havas WorldWide Chicago.

Topic: Powerful brand ambassador tactics for community and trust

Day 3 Speaker 3:

Ruben Chavez is a Social Media Influencer and Content Creator at TGP Media, went from from 0 – 1.8 million followers in less than 2 years.

Topic: Sponsored content: A path to a six-figure business

Day 3 Speaker 4:

Marco Hansell is the CEO at Speakr, delivered more than 14M likes on Instagram across branded campaigns. Generated several million dollars in annual revenue.

Topic: Collaborating with Instagram Influencers to boost sales
GM Note: of all the sessions so far I found this one the most challenging to digest as I am an Instagram newbie with just over 100 followers. Marco is a brilliant man and a fount of knowledge on this subject. I will definitely go back again and again to this presentation using my All Access pass so that I can absorb his thoughts better as my own Instagram following and experience grows and I understand more about what he is talking about!

Day 3 Speaker 5:

Zahara Jade is the Community Manager at HireInfluence, an International Content and Digital Media Manager specializing in influencer marketing and social media, blowing out company goals by leveraging influencers.

Topic:  4 tools to uncover influencers in your niche

Day 3 Speaker 6:

Paul Ramondo is the CEO at RamondoMedia, Australia’s fastest growing authority on digital growth hacking and marketing, 3X followers for personal brand in the last 4 months without aggressively investing too much time into this growth.

Topic:  The right approach to Instagram Ads for lead generation

Day 3 Speaker 7:

Zach Spuckler is an Online business strategist, become profitable leveraging Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Topic:  Instagram Ads: How to set up your first campaign
GM Note: this is very hands on and detailed. I didn’t watch the entire thing as I am a newbie and not ready to spend money on Instagram or Facebook advertising. With my All Access Pass I know I can go back to this and watch it in more detail later. Zach also offers a free online course for those who watch his presentation and the access info is in the video!

Day 3 Speaker 8:

Jason Stone is the Founder at Millionaire Mentor LLC, social media influencer who built an Instagram following from 0-1.8 million in less than 2 years. He now has an email list of over 130k and has made over 1 million dollars in revenue to date.

Topic:  Tons of clicks on your sponsored content in 4 basic steps

Instagram Success Summit Day 2: June 8 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: THURS June 9 2016 5:12 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

DAY TWO (Aired June 8 2016)
Phase 2 – The Science of Growing A Valuable Following

Day2 Speaker 1:
Alex Tooby is an Instagram Marketer, Influencer & Mentor at Alex Tooby. Generated over $100k first year in business.
Topic: How to build a powerful list of hashtags to massively boost engagement

Day2 Speaker 2:
Lauren Bath is a Freelance Social Media Marketer at Lauren Bath Services with 454,000 followers over 4 1/2 years, 3 1/2 years of full time work in the tourism industry, over 120 travel campaign.
Topic: 6 steps to harness the power of user generated content

Day2 Speaker 3:
Mario Masitti is a Photographer & Educator at Sessions With Mario. Launched an incredibly successful educational platform for photographers generating solid 5-figure revenues each month from Instagram.
Topic:  A hashtag system to attract relevant, quality customers

Day2 Speaker 4:
Tracy Matthews is the Chief Visionary Officer at Flourish & Thrive Academy and Creative Director of Tracy Matthews Jewelry, use Instagram for community building, list building and selling products.
Topic:  Content creation: A strategy to a hyper engaged following

Day2 Speaker 5:
Yolanda Keels-Walker is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Business Babes LLC. Tripled sales for their online courses, and gained more opportunities for speaking and partnership.
Topic:  3 simple steps to 30,000 followers in less than 12 months

Day2 Speaker 6:
Brad Cameron is the Owner at Build Your Empire. 962,000 followers, 24 months, Enough for a full-time income, 30,000+ email subscribers.
Topic:   How I used shoutouts to gain 1 million followers on Instagram

Day2 Speaker 7:
Makel Gardner is the Co-owner at Fin & Vince grew Instagram to 65.3K followers in the matter of two years.
Topic:  Instagram contests that rapidly gain you followers and email subscribers

Day2 Speaker 8:
Mark Iron is the Mindset Mentor at Mark Iron Consulting. Built a great network of high level influencers and found JV partners due to large Instagram following.
Topic: Grow your email list with this simple Instagram marketing funnel

Instagram Success Summit Day 1: June 7 2016 Live-Tweeted Reviews

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Last Updated: WED June 8 2016 4:23 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald (Event Affiliate)

DAY ONE (Aired June 7 2016)
Phase 1 – A Visual Approach: The Foundation of Instagram for Your Business

Day1 Speaker 1:
Shawn Thomas is the Founder at Ask A Millionaire, LLC, started in March of 2015 and one year later grew to over 600,000.
Topic: Why a millionaire chose Instagram to grow his audience

Day 1 Speaker 2:
Kevin Kuster is the CEO and Partner #JJ Community, the largest and most active photo community on Instagram.
Topic: Finding your voice: An insight into a community of 47 million images

Day 1 Speaker 3:
Chris Burkard
is an Adventure Photographer at Chris Burkard Studio, reached an Instagram following of over 1.6 million people over the course of 4 years.
Topic: The realization that netted me 1.7 million followers

Day 1 Speaker 4:
Sarah Moore
is a Copywriter and Blogger at New Leaf Book Nook, built a following of more than 50,000 in just 10 months … and it hasn’t even felt like effort.
Topic: Growing an audience for your “dream business” whilst working full-time

Day 1 Speaker 5:
Rhiannon Nicole Bosse
is the Owner & Creative Director at Hey Gorgeous Events, Founder of The Trouvaille Workshop, gained speaking opportunities, and built a nearly 60k following of loyal and supportive people via Instagram account.
Topic: Building a consistent feed and finding your niche on Instagram

Day 1 Speaker 6:
Melissa Johnson
is the Founder & Creative Director at Best Friends For Frosting, achieved 80K+ followers on Instagram.
Topic:  How to get people to fall in love with your brand

Day 1 Speaker 7:
Adam Smith
is a Speaker, Storyteller, Creative at South Hills Norco, named one of the best iPhone portrait photographers in the world (in 2013).
Topic:  An award winning strategy for shooting quality imagery with an iPhone

Day 1 Speaker 8:
Merek Davis
is the Founder at Mextures, #2 top paid app. 158k followers on Mextures 1.3 million #mextures hashtags.
Topic:  How to effectively use Instagram to launch your product

Instagram Success Summit June 7 to 10 2016

Last updated: TUES June 14 2016  9:50 PM Toronto ON Canada
By: Glenda MacDonald, MBA, Freelance Writer, Social Media Strategist and Marketing Professional

Event Name: Instagram Success Summit Virtual Educational Event
Dates: TUES June 7 to Friday June 10 2016 (24 hour free access for each day’s online presentations with optional upgrade to a twelve month All Access Pass)
Event hashtag: #InstagramSummit
My Affiliation: I’m an affiliate of Small Today for the Instagram Success Summit as well as the previous Email Success Summit in March 2016 and LinkedIn Success Summit in December 2015. The opinions stated here are my own. Many people attend part or all of these event for free. Those who choose to upgrade to the All Access Pass using my affiliate link assist me in defraying the costs of my time reviewing the event so thank you!
Location: online
Time Zone: EST 24/7
Price: each day’s expert interviews were free for 24 hours but are now closed. You have the option to upgrade to a twelve month All Access pass (affiliate link above) which includes access to a private Facebook Group.
Registration through my Affiliate Link: Register for a Lifetime All Access Pass including participation in a Private Facebook Group.
Event Presenter: Small Today
Liam Austin, Founder, of Small Today. Summit Host and Interviewer.
Speakers: 30 international Instagram experts (one-on-one prerecorded interviews were released daily). See the full agenda by clicking the registration link.


Thirty of the world’s top experts in Instagram contributed to this virtual summit presented by Small Today . Liam Austin is the Founder of Small Today, an organization which focuses on the needs of small and medium-sized businesses including solopreneurs and startups. (I’m both a solopreneur and a startup! ) Liam personally live-interviewed each of the amazing experts from around the world via Skype.The interviews were recorded and curated over the months in preparation for sharing with us through this Summit. The experts were so generous, sharing what they’ve learned, including mistakes they’ve made and hacks they’ve discovered to shorten our learning curve in applying ideas to our own businesses.

As I watched each interview from the comfort of my home office using my laptop, an external monitor, and my cushy headphones, I found that this format created a very intimate experience… as if you’re alone in a room with Liam and the presenter! Liam is engaging and professional. He has an excellent rapport with the experts which makes for lively unscripted interviews and unpredictable segues! I thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning at my own pace and am glad I upgraded to the lifetime All Access Pass which includes participation in a private Facebook Group set up for the All Access Pass holders.  I pop in there to meet virtually with other attendees where we  become friends and help each other apply the concepts to our own businesses with the moderation of Liam and his equally delightful co-founder partner Sarah Thorslund.

I’m deep-dove into the content-rich interviews as I reviewed them and took extensive notes as I  live-tweeted my reviews and further insights. This Summit is not only for those beginning to look at Instagram. Even though I have decades of experience as a marketing professional who is now a freelancer, I learned so much more. While I’m trained as a Social Media Manager my personal preferences for social media platforms have been Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I have an Instagram account but I am just starting to be active on it, implementing the lessons I learned from the Summit as I plan to  use Instagram to monetize my business which includes both B2B and B2C products and services.

Liam curated the interviews in a specific order with a different theme for each day so I reviewed them chronologically.  Click my affiliate link for info on the All Access Pass.

My Twitter Reviews

The interviews were intensive, content-rich and often fast-paced. It was challenging and exhausting to watch and absorb them all live continuously. I reviewed them and and took notes on each interview at my own pace, gleaning some fabulous tips and insights from Liam and the other experts. As a solopreneur I wanted to learn from these speakers and think about how I can apply their ideas and tools to my own evolution of growing my Instagram account. I hope you find my tweets helpful.  Please let me know in the comments below if you find them helpful. Any questions? Chat with me on Twitter, comment below, or reach me via my Contact form.

Twitter Reviews

DAY ONE Phase 1 – A Visual Approach: The Foundation of Instagram for Your Business

DAY TWO Phase 2 – The Science of Growing A Valuable Following

DAY THREE Phase 3 – Scale Your Instagram Marketing

DAY FOUR Phase 4 – Making Money on Instagram: Automate and Monetize