Free webinar on Social Media ROI June 22

Last updated:  FRI May 27 2016 4:40 PM Toronto ON Canada
By: Glenda MacDonald
Affiliation: I‘m an affiliate of Social Media Manager School and courses by Andrea Vahl. I‘m also a proud alumnus as that‘s where I earned my Certificate in Social Media Management!

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Free webinar

Join us June 22 2016 for a free live webinar on managing the return on investment of social media. I’ll be live-tweeting as I’m still learning too!

As a startup, business owner, and social media manager for myself as well as my clients, I know that one of my biggest challenges is to understand how to measure the return on my investment for social media, both in terms of time spent and promotional budget.
My friend and mentor Andrea Vahl is offering a FREE WEBINAR on June 22 about the #1 thing business owners must have in place now to measure their social media ROI.
I’m a proud alumnus of Social Media Manager School of which Andrea is co-founder. As an affiliate I’m happy to share upcoming free training and specials! I plan to attend and live-tweet the webinar as I’m always learning too! Join us.
Register here:

Facebook Ad Secrets Course – Flash sale over, course still available

Last updated: FRI May 27 2016 11:08 AM
By: Glenda MacDonald
Affiliation: Affiliate of Social Media Manager School & Andrea Vahl’s Facebook Advertising Secrets Online Course

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Flash Sale on Facebook Advertising Course

Andrea Vahl’s Facebook Advertising Secrets Course Flash Sale – May 26 2016 only!

GM Note: the May 26 2016 flash sale is over, but the course is still available at the full price! I recommend it if you need to make sure your investment in Facebook advertising is helping you grow your business cost effectively.

Are you confused about Facebook advertising? I’m constantly learning more about it. Who better to learn from than Andrea Vahl, one of the co-founders of Social Media Manager School where I earned my Certificate in Social Media Management? Andrea’s a lifetime friend and mentor through the private Facebook group I became a permanent part of when I enrolled in SMMS.

If you’re a business owner or marketer who needs more leads and visibility on Facebook, then organic activity alone won’t cut it anymore. Running ads has become much more important but there are a lot of different types of ads to run. If you aren’t careful you could waste a lot of money without getting a good return.

Andrea’s Facebook Advertising Secrets online course is on sale today only, May 26th. Go grab it now if you need to make sure you’re running your Ad Campaigns the best way!

I’m an affiliate and happily endorse Andrea and her courses. Did you know she’s also the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. And she’s fabulous!

Please use my affiliate link to purchase the course or to get more information on it:
Flash Sale on Andrea Vahl’s Facebook  Advertising Secrets Online Course!

I’ve had a lot of traffic through my link today so I know there’s a need for this course. This is your chance to get it at a rarely discounted price but it ends at midnight!

Feel free to share my tweet! I hope you enjoy the course. And as an added bonus, Andrea will be with you every step of the way in the private group, the way she is with the students and alumni of Social Media Manager School!

MAGAZINE REVIEW: Wired – June 2016 issue (in progress)

Wired Magazine
A publication of Conde Naste
Twitter: @WIRED
June 2016 issue

Last updated: SUN May 22 2016 6:57 PM
By: Glenda MacDonald

My husband informed me today that he received his email from WIRED saying that the June issue is now available in digital format.

I’m quite happy to wait a few days until the hard copy arrives in the mail. I worked eight years in magazine as an ad sales rep and copywriter. I still love the physical experience of flipping through the book from cover to cover, leisurely. In my early magazine days I had to schlep printouts of ad proofs to local clients to approve in person. Then we got a fax machine and we didn’t have to leave the office to get ads approved.. as long as the advertiser also had a fax machine… Then I bought an iBook laptop and started emailing people ad proofs, but our publisher was giving me a lot of push-back and wanting me to get out of the office and see the clients in person. I left that job to manage an eCommerce research centre at a university where I fully-embraced the digital world.

So maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia that leads me to read this techy mag ‘the old way’. But I have brought my own hybrid twist to the process of reviewing. I live-blog as I read it, stopping to search online for the links to the articles to share with my followers on Twitter. I tweet my observations and relevant links and then I update my blog by embedding the tweets which continually reply to each other creating a long story string which is the basis for my entire review.

So patience my Twitter friends. If you’re are already enjoying the digital version of June don’t feel bad for me. I actually could read the digital copy if I wanted to as I have a multil-magazine subscription app that gives me access. But I prefer to wait, anxiously checking the mailbox, and when the June is here I’ll be on my back deck, sipping coffee, and tweeting the highlights for you!

FILM REVIEW: The Happy Film – International Premiere HotDocs 2016 (in progress)

Last updated: TUES May 10 2016 9:20 PM

By Glenda MacDonald

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****REVIEW IN PROGRESS**** I found this film so fascinating that I’m doing additional research to provide useful external links. This is an enhanced-content review which I’ll expand as I ponder the ideas which were presented. You can watch me write it, and I’ll tweet the link when done! I’m giving The Happy Film a ‘full bouquet” rating.

(USA) International Premiere (92 minutes)

The Happy Film at Hot Docs 2016

Co-Directors Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Nabors address questions from the audience at #TheHappyFilm Canadian premiere.  Emceed by Gabor Pertic of #HotDocs2016

FILM FESTIVAL: Hot Docs Film Festival, Toronto ON. North America’s largest documentary festival, conference, and market. April 28 to May 8 2016.  #HotDocs16
GM Note: I attended Monday May 2 10 AM showing at TIFF Bell Lightbox

SYNOPSIS: The Happy Film. Art project meets self-improvement quest as graphic designer guru Stefan Sagmeister drives to shape himself into a happier, more fulfilled person through a dedicated mix of meditation, therapy, and drugs.( Festival program.)

Co-Directors of The Happy Film at #HotDocs2016 Premiere Toronto Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Nabors

Meeting Co-Directors of The Happy Film at #HotDocs2016 Premiere Toronto:  Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Nabors for further happy chats.

CO-DIRECTORS: I met with Co-directors Stefan Sagmeister and Ben Nabors after the film. Third former co-director was Hillman Curtis.

Imagine yourself on a motorcycle on an open road. Your MP3 player is streaming your favourite music as you meander, relaxed, without specific intent or purpose through towns and beautiful countryside. In such a moment Stefan Sagmeister was able to ‘manufacture’ a high degree of happiness.

This is the story of a road trip for the mind and the metrics of happiness. The first stop along the way explores meditation. The second leg of the journey is a deep-dive into therapy. And finally there is (in Stefan’s case) a hallucinogenic trip as well as formal medical intervention with a commonly prescribed antidepressant used to treat depression and anxiety.

…more thoughts to follow…